Welcome To The Lounge 67 Experience

Obligatory $5.00 entry fee

Buy Our Drink Pass

After Paying your $5.00 entry fee you can pay an additional $15.00 to have unlimited access to our bar. Learn More about our drink pass on the Menu tab.

Popular Drink Choices

The Cure

The Cure to all your party problems! 7Up based cocktail is a mix of 7Up Soda, Vodka, Orange Juice and Lemonade or Limeade.

Shirley Twist

Our Twist on the classic Shirley Temple brings a delicious vodka cocktail that will leave you wanting more every time.


We are here to have a fun evening

Great experience for the whole friend group

Some of the best memories revolve around good beer and friends – that's why we welcome all of your friends, including deven. We have dedicated lounge seating options towards the side of the dance floor.

All of our staff have worked in our bar, meaning that they know the menu inside out and can help you, whether you need to check for allergens or need a hand for picking the right kind of sangria.

We welcome your shorter friends

Our restaurant is short-friendly, meaning that you can bring your short friends with you. We ask for calm and collected behavior from all of our small person customers.

Book a booth

Reserving a booth beforehand means no waiting. Groups of 8 or less must reserve ahead of time for a reserved booth.